Denver Grace UMC
Monday, December 09, 2019

Membership at Grace United Methodist Church

Becoming a member at Grace United Methodist Church involves a complete and true commitment to Christ as well as a commitment to Grace UMC, and the United Methodist Church as a whole. Membership means stepping up to the plate when needed to enhance the church in its functioning efforts, and to work as a team member in building the church. It also involves building relationship thru Christ centered-groups and through community mission. Membership means seeking out new connection and relationship and bringing in new people to the church. It also means connecting to all facets of church functions including coordinating group memberships as well as monitoring the strategies necessary for a healthy and viable church.

Membership means consistently seeking knowledge and studying the Bible, Christ-involved disciplines, and discipleship. Being a disciple is necessary to be a good Christian and a good church member. An Exploring Grace group is offered to facilitate information concerning Grace UMC as a church/building and to seek knowledge about United Methodist Doctrine and History. At the end of each Exploring Grace group, a Spiritual Assessment is evaluated for each and every person so they may offer their special and unique gifts to the church.