Denver Grace UMC
Monday, December 09, 2019

Our Mission Statement

"Sharing the Life, Love and Laughter of Jesus Christ"

Vision Statement

  • Every Person is invited to attend,
  • Every Attendee is a growing disciple,
  • Every Disciple is in growing service.


  • We exist that people may come to know and share the love of the Heavenly Father through worship ministries, learning opportunities, and avenues of service.


  • Our ultimate priority is to know Jesus Christ and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live our daily lives in light of our relationship with the Heavenly Father.
  • Our primary motivation is "grace", the unearned love of God.
  • Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason are sources for theological reflection, with scripture as primary.
  • Christian unity and the importance of other denominations are assumptions to our relationship with other churches.
  • Personal spiritual growth and service to others are essential fruits of a life of love.


  • To motivate people to live a life of Christ in abundance ( John 10:10 )
  • To equip people to be agents of the Heavenly Fathers's grace in an inclusive society.
  • To provide a context in which every person can experience God's love, and personal transformation through ministries of worship, outreach, and education.
  • To transform society through the transformation of individuals and families.
  • To identify people's God given gifts for ministry and enable them to utilize this gifts in service to others.
  • We seek to motivate, train, equip, and organize people to share God's grace throughout every area of our church life.