Denver Grace UMC
Monday, December 09, 2019


(Nurture, Outreach, Assimilation and Hospitality)


This group continually strives for nurturing and caring for our congregation through pastoral visits, phone calls, sending cards for special occasions as well as nurturing through special cards for special needs. Stephens Ministries is a group designed to nurture our congregation and care for its needs through pastoral visits. The various members of the congregation are a part of Stephens Ministries require special training, schooling, and a strong commitment. A Care Group is also part of our Nurturing program at Grace. The Care Team continually visits the sick, shut-ins and implements phone calls. The Care Team is also involved in sending cards for special occasions. They work on a rotational basis and a tracking system is set up for follow-up.


A strong Outreach program is established and designed for those needing spiritual development and care. Invitations are distributed to the nearby neighborhood, friends of the congregation and community, introducing them to Grace as a means for achieving spiritual assessment. The Outreach strategy also promotes, markets and makes known Grace United Methodist Church. Its main goal is to find those in need of spiritual care.


Assimilation is to blend and nurture the various cultures, ethnic groups and religious philosophies at Grace. It is also geared to handle painful situations and implement ideas of the church family and friends. It is a way of bringing it all together through sharing, conversation, and counseling. It is a way of combining the elements of the congregation in such a way as to help each and every participant involved. Various grief groups and support groups are available to those in need of coping through difficult times. Those in need of one-on-one spiritual counseling as well as group counseling are invited to attend various group sessions.


Hospitality involves offering a warm welcome to Grace United Methodist Church. This can involve receptions, coffee events after services and serving food and drink on an as needed basis. Its main function is to offer an invitation to attend and become part of the Grace family. Special groups are formed to accomplish this welcome.